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Reaching for the “stars” starts by planning the “journey”.

We have all heard the saying “Reach for the stars”.  Perhaps many of us have used that saying to describe our enthusiasm in reaching our goals.   Ultimately, the “stars” are where we all want to reach, especially when it comes to transforming our bodies and our health, but realistically the “stars” are very far away and for most of us so is losing 30, 50, 100 or more pounds.  Trust me, I KNOW!  

The GREAT news is that although the “stars” and our weight loss goals may seem to be in a galaxy far, far away, they ARE attainable and MANY MANY people have reached them. Including myself.  But in order to reach our goals without feeling overwhelmed with the “distance”, or perhaps starting towards our goals only to give up because they are so “far away”, we must first plan our “journey”.  We must then find a “vehicle” that we can use to take us there. And finally, we must commence our journey knowing that we will only get there one “destination” at a time.  Ok, enough with the analogies.  Let’s get to point!

Regardless of whether you need to lose 30 pounds or 300 pounds, the journey starts at the same place.  The first thing you need to do is WANT to go on this journey.  You must want it for YOURSELF and no one else.  Do not it because your spouse, parent or friend is telling you to.  Do it becasue you WANT to!  Once you have decided to WANT to, you must then make two minor changes in your life in order to officially start the journey.  Change #1 is to choose ONE physical activity to do for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.  This activity can be as simple as walking around the block for the specified time.  (This is how I started my journey and NOW I can run up to 10 miles.)  Change # 2 is eliminating just ONE unhealthy food that you usually eat daily.  (For me it was eliminating soft drinks.)  Thats it!  Make these 2 changes in your life and keep them up for a minimum of 7 consecutive days. You will have then reached your first destination with SUCCESS!!  You have now begun your journey towards the “STARS”. 

Please visit my Facebook page FatBoyFitMan  and let me know when you have completed your 7 consecutive days of minor changes and I will gladly guide you to your next destination! 

Enjoy your journey….ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!

by Eli Sapharti – FAT Boy FIT Man on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 2:16pm

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